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Bold to the MAX.



About Us


Set a Goal.
make a plan, draw a map and run.

Our Secret to Our Success

5 core values:
  1. Constant Never Ending Improvement
  2. Open, Factual Communication
  3. Positive and Inspiring
  4. Life is Short, Have Fun
  5. Whatever it Takes

Rise to the opportunity

motivate, educate and give back.
Life is  Change. Change is Opportunity.

Like the moon and the sun
Just like hopes spring high
and still, like air, I rise.


Technology Integration Partners

Generate sales leads, engage fans and grow your audience with content designed makes you laugh, cry, or say, “ahhhhhh.” Let’s go bold!

Our Raving Fans

“MaximillianGroup™ Inc is a think-outside-the-box leader, team unifier, and goal oriented. The ability to get the job done along with a unique style sets them apart from others I’ve worked with.”

Philip Lembeck

MaximillianGroup™ Inc was so great! He helped me to understand how to best utilize my website, helped and walked me through so many of the features. I couldn’t have had a better experience. He was patient, extremely helpful, knowledgeable and very willing to answer all my questions. STELLAR!!

Social Digital Markting Client

Customer-focused, social media and marketing expert dedicated to achieving profit expectations and building brand loyalty while continuously improving process.  Results-oriented and solution seeking to resolve problems and open new markets or revenue opportunities.

Robert B., Rancho Mirage, CA

“Thank you Max Barrett /MaximillianGroup™Inc for helping me with my Digital Social Footprint”

Carlos Amezcua, KUSI News, San Diego, CA

“He always delivers beyond expectations and his creativity goes well beyond any bounds I have ever seen. Working with Max is a fun adventure”

Annie Leung, Phenomenex Inc.

Good. I feel like working with MaximillianGroup™ Inc is great because we bounce a lot of ideas off of each other and keep the inspiration going. I feel like my brain is always working to figure new ways to keep things fresh.

Website Client

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